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Bicycle and helmet laying in the street after an accident
Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Dispelling the Myths About Bicycle vs. Car Accidents

As bicycles and automobiles share the road in increasing numbers, it’s essential to make sure there are room and respect for everyone. Talk to almost anyone who road bikes today, and they’ll tell you most car drivers are sometimes inconsiderate. Discuss cyclists with non-bike-riding car drivers, and they’ll complain bicyclists

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Coronavirus Personal Injury Lawyer Tampa
Personal Injury

Did Car Accidents Go Down in 2020 Because of the Coronavirus?

One benefit of the Coronavirus is that auto accidents did go down by more than 50% during the month of April 2020 (compared to April 2019) because of the stay at home order.  As traffic counts dropped, so did crashes, according to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety

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Injured man shakes hands with attorney
Personal Injury

What Is the 14-Day Rule?

If you’re a crash victim, the 14-day rule states you only have 14-days after a traffic accident to seek medical attention for any injuries. Wait any longer, and you could have trouble trying to secure medical benefits.

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Woman texting and driving
Car / Auto Accidents

What Exactly Is Distracted Driving and Is It a Crime?

While there are several forms of distracted driving, the most prolific one is cell phone use. As of Jul 1, 2019, it is illegal to text while behind the wheel in Florida. It’s also illegal to use your smartphone for any reason like emailing or instant messaging that involves manually

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Man drinking a beer while driving
DUI Accidents

How to Tell If Your DD Is Too Drunk to Drive

Sometimes the signs aren’t quite this obvious. Uber, Lyft, or a taxi is always a better decision that letting someone who is clearly inebriated get behind the wheel. What should you look for to make sure you’re not being escorted by someone who is too legally impaired to be driving?

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Cars on the highway
Need to Know

Is It Legal to Drive in the Left Lane?

No, it is not legal to drive and stay in the left lane. Florida Statute § 316.081 requires motorists in the State of Florida to drive in the right-most lane except when actively passing. Although Floridians do not seem to know that they are not supposed to cruise in the

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Daschund dog covered under blanket

Is Liability the Only Auto Insurance Coverage I Need?

Going for the minimum amount may not provide the security blanket you need should you be in an accident involving injuries to the other driver. It’s the law in Florida that you carry liability insurance on your vehicle, and in fact, must prove that you have such a policy to

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Most Common Rear-End Collision Accident Lawyer Tampa
Car / Auto Accidents

What Do I Do If Someone Hits Me and They’re Uninsured?

It’s a sad fact that even with laws in place throughout the U.S. requiring drivers to carry liability insurance at a minimum, there are those who climb behind the wheel without auto insurance of any kind. According to the Insurance Research Council, one in eight drivers doesn’t have auto insurance.

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Aggressive Driving Lawers Tampa
Car / Auto Accidents

What Is Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive Driving Accident Lawyers Nearly everyone has encountered an aggressive driver on the road. These drivers may speed down, tailgate or follow too closely in traffic, cut off other drivers with no regard for safety, or disobey traffic signals. These behaviors are not just annoying—in one study, the National Highway

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