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How long do we need to treat after a car accident?

Quite often, people ask us “How long do we need to treat?” Short answer: If you are hurt, treat.  If you are not hurt, don’t treat.  But, if you are hurt and don’t treat, you will deal with those injuries forever.  Follow the advice of the doctors and listen to

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Personal Injury

How Can a Tampa Accident Attorney Help You in Your Claim?

If you injured in a car accident, it is essential to speak with an attorney before filing an insurance claim or discussing the accident with anyone other than your physician. Don’t go it alone!  Insurance companies do not make money paying claims.  They are in the risk business and they never

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Personal Injury

Injured in a bicycle accident?

Tampa is one of the most beautiful places to ride bikes, but it is also one of the most dangerous.  Stay focused and follow all traffic laws.  I enjoy riding with my children and nephews so I know just how stressful it can be to ride in Tampa Bay.  

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Tampa Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can turn your entire life upside down. Injuries can require hospitalization, surgery, and rehab.  A crash can make you miss time from work or incur medical expenses.  All for something that was not even your fault.  When this happens, you need and deserve an experienced attorney who

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When is The Best Time to Hire a Lawyer?

When is the best time to hire a lawyer? After the accident? After the insurance companies start calling you? After the bills start coming in?  Better to hire a lawyer sooner than later, but always lawyer up.   If you have been injured in a car accident, call Tampa Injury

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You Need a Lawyer

How I feel when I hear results of unrepresented people (or with lawyers that dabble) #getlawyeredupnow #lawyerup #tampaLawyer #tampaAttorney

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Best Way to Get Great Results in Your Auto Accident Case

Best way to get great results in your auto accident case Well-known and highly respected Tampa attorney, Martin Hernandez, offers the following advice, free of charge, on how to achieve the best results in an auto accident. Here are a few tips that, as a Tampa auto accident lawyer, I

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When to Stop Treating for Injuries From an Auto Accident

Many injured parties will contact me and ask when they should stop treating for their injuries. I always tell them that that is a decision between them and the doctor to decide but that you will feel this pain if you stop treating prematurely.    Always follow your doctor’s advice. 

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Free Legal Advice About Car Accidents

Free legal advice: Evidence is one of the most important things to have on your side. After a car accident, take pictures of cars and the property damage before moving them. The positioning of the cars and road conditions are important to help establish liability. Call Tampa Injury Attorney Martin

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