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Texting While Driving Remains a Dangerous Problem

Texting while driving remains a dangerous problem, often leading to serious or even fatal consequences because of distracted drivers.  In the state of Florida, there is currently a ban on texting while driving, but enforcing it is easier said than done.  In order for an officer to stop a driver

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Herido en un accidente de auto

Si usted o un miembro de su familia ha sido herido en un accidente de auto, por favor comuníquese hoy con nuestros abogados en Tampa. Nosotros podemos ayudar a que las víctimas de accidentes. Llámenos hoy al 813.755.9500

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Tampa DUI Attorney

While other Tampa  lawyers claim to sue drunk drivers for causing injuries to others, our firm really does sue them even when they do not have insurance. Not many law firms can say that. For us, it is a matter of principle. What happens when we do sue them and

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Personal Injury Law Firm in Tampa

The Law Firm of Martin Hernandez PA, LLC is a criminal defense and personal injury law firm that provides a “client first” approach to those injured in an auto accident or criminally charged with State and Federal crimes. Our lawyers have exclusively served Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas throughout

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Chamberlain student Ashley Miranda

Our heart goes out to Chamberlain student Ashley Miranda’s family today. Pedestrian accidents are usually severe and should be treated seriously. Experts should be hired and witnesses should be interviewed immediately. Here, this driver should face serious consequences for possibly speeding and possibly passing in the turn lanes. See the

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Large Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Large Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents Because of their possibility of creating catastrophic injuries, commercial vehicles tend to carry better insurance coverage than most personal vehicles. Some of the factors to consider are: Driver Fatigue: In our experience, driver fatigue is the most dangerous factor after distraction and being impaired. 

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Dangers of Texting & Driving

Studies are showing that texting and driving is just a dangerous as drinking and driving. Looking down at your phone is just as dangerous as not being able to react to a danger. Read More If you have been injured by a driver who has been texting (or whom you

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Dram Stop

For the second time in 2 years, our firm has successfully prosecuted a bar for over serving a known alcoholic and then allowing that known alcoholic to leave the bar drunk and injure someone. #DramShop #TampaInjuryAttorney #TampaInjuryLawyer #Injury #drunkdriving

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Martin Hernandez PA proudly supported MADD

For the past 6 years our firm, Martin Hernandez PA, has proudly supported MADD by walking and with financial support.  This year we fundraised, with the help of friends and medical providers, more than $10,000 for a worthy cause.  Thank you to our providers  Lauren Marez of Bay Area Injury

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