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Can I Pursue A Personal Injury Case For Minor Injuries?

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Yes, you may file a claim for personal injuries after a car accident in Florida even if it is a minor claim. If an accident has left you with a less-than-serious injury, you may be wondering if pursuing a personal injury claim would be worth the time and effort. In personal injury cases, a minor injury typically means no broken bones and no need for surgery or hospitalization.

For instance, some common minor injuries that can result from an accident include:

  • strained muscles
  • sprains
  • scratches
  • bruising
  • whiplash

Many people assume that walking away from an accident with minor injuries will be a barrier to seeking fair compensation. However, pursuing a claim as a victim could be worthwhile, depending on how you were injured and the impact of those injuries on your life.

This is where an experienced personal injury attorney can help. They can discuss the details of your case and determine what accident-related damages (or losses) for which you could be compensated.

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What To Do If The Accident Doesn’t Seem Serious?

It’s important to remember that unpredictable injuries can result from even the smallest ‘fender benders’. Even if you don’t believe you’ve been hurt after an accident, it is important that you collect the other driver’s information and see a doctor as soon as possible, at least to protect yourself under Florida’s 14-day rule.

In the hours after an accident, it’s common for adrenaline levels in the body to rise, making you less sensitive to pain. In addition, some time may pass before you can feel the severity of your injuries.

In this crucial time after an accident, a medical professional is better able to determine the extent of your physical injuries, if there are any. Also, if you find out that your injuries are more severe than you’d thought, the doctor’s record of it could be vital evidence for a later claim.

Don’t My Medical Bills Determine The Value Of My Case?

The amount of your medical bills would certainly be considered as part of the special damages, or monetary losses, that you have suffered as a result of the accident. However, the cost of a victim’s medical bills to treat their injuries is only one factor that is taken into account when determining the value of your claim. Damage to your car or property that came from the accident, past lost income from missed days of work, and lost future earnings are a few other variables that can seriously impact what a personal injury case is worth.

In addition, non-monetary damages, such as pain and suffering can also increase the value of a personal injury claim, depending on your level of physical discomfort. However, with cases involving minor injuries, there is a so-called limit to the amount of compensation that can be awarded for this type of damage. This is because typically in personal injury cases, the more severe the injury is, the greater the pain and suffering to the victim.

Keep in mind that every accident is unique, and the losses that you have suffered may be unique as well. The best way to know the possible value of your claim would be to meet with a personal injury attorney.

An attorney should be able to review the accident, discuss your individual damages, and help you determine whether you are entitled to compensation for the losses you have suffered. Have questions about your case? We can help. Call 813.755.9500 or reach out to us online to set up your free and confidential legal consultation.

Who Should I Call After a Car Accident?

Even if your injuries from an accident are minor, the fallout from a crash can change your life in a quick and serious way. Aside from medical bills, there are several other types of losses that can affect your life, and be factored into your claim’s value.

Personal injury lawsuits make it possible for victims to be compensated for damages they have suffered, even if their injuries were minor. Maximizing the amount of your compensation could start with talking to an experienced injury attorney and learning what your claim is really worth.

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