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A Story About Our Client Morgan and Morgan’s Mother

A Story About Our Client Morgan and Morgan’s Mother |

– by Tampa Injury Attorney Martin Hernandez

I have known our client Morgan since Morgan was 14 years old.  She is now 29 years old.  Before that we represented Morgan’s mother for multiple legal issues over 10 years.  Both have been excellent referral sources.  Both have referred dozens of clients to our firm.  Sometimes even driving them to our office so that we can represent their friends.  For whatever the legal needs, we were there to help.  Morgan and Morgan’s mother have referred: Auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, tractor trailer accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents.

Why? Because they knew experience and results matter.

I am honored to know Morgan and Morgan’s mother.  There is no greater compliment a client can give to us than a referral and these two have referred over countless clients.

I am always proud to represent the hard-working people who just need a lawyer to help them in their time of need.  I believe that an attorney should be advocate for his client and still be approachable.

Oddly, I have heard people say that they do not have access to the legal system. This would be wrong. I receive great pleasure and satisfaction to stand up and fight for these same people each and every day.  I prefer taking a straightforward approach to representing his clients by providing each client a balance between determination and toughness in dealing with insurance companies with the understanding and compassion for the client’s unfortunate situation.  An informed client makes better decisions and is more often satisfied. Client satisfaction is always the ultimate goal.

Need a Lawyer? Call Tampa Attorney Martin J. Hernandez

Attorney Martin J. Hernandez of Fernandez & Hernandez, LLC in Tampa provides legal representation for families in auto accident injury and wrongful death cases. Our Tampa personal injury attorneys welcome the opportunity to interview with you and your loved ones. We invite you to review our recent results from settlements to trial verdicts. Our qualifications and background are available to you as well. Our Tampa Attorneys Martin Hernandez and Daniel Fernandez are bilingual as well.  Just call us at 813-229-5353 for your free consultation.

The Tampa personal injury lawyers of Fernandez & Hernandez, serve Florida communities including Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, Westchase, Riverview, Temple Terrace, Pasco, Pinellas, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Plant City, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Dover, Valrico, Lutz, Lakeland and many other neighborhoods in Tampa Bay area. Contact an Experienced Tampa Auto Accident Attorney from Fernandez & Hernandez Law.

If you have been involved in an Auto Accident in the Tampa Bay area, call Tampa personal injury lawyer Martin J. Hernandez of Fernandez & Hernandez for a free consultation now.  We recommend also reading his reviews on Google Reviews, Avvo and Yelp.

Call Tampa Personal Injury Attorney, Martin J. Hernandez of Fernandez & Hernandez at 813-229-5353

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Honesty is Not Only Morally Right, it is Highly Efficient

Honesty is Not Only Morally Right, it is Highly Efficient

Honesty with your attorney.Be sure to tell your lawyer everything because it is easier to pursue the truth and it makes the case more credible. Don’t exaggerate either. Just say it as it is.

Injured in a car accident? Call a Tampa Injury Attorney at Fernandez and Hernandez at 813-229-5353 or

La honestidad no sólo es moralmente correcta, es muy eficiente.
Asegúrate de contarle todo a tu abogado porque es más fácil perseguir la verdad y hace que el caso sea más creíble. No exageres tampoco. Sólo dilo como es.
Herido en un accidente de coche? Llama a un abogado de lesión de Tampa En Fernandez Y Hernandez a las 813-229-5353 o

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Tampa Car Accident Legal Help

Tampa Car Accident Legal Help

Car accidents are a big pain. Both literally and figuratively. Everything about it. From being injured or to you losing the use of your car. Getting around Tampa Bay without a car is truly a pain.

One of the furthest things from your mind might be shopping for a lawyer, but an attorney can help you recover money for your damaged or destroyed property, your medical expenses, and maybe even your attorney’s legal fees. The sooner you speak with a legal professional, the more likely you are to protect your rights and get the help you need.

We can help.

Hire us and consider it done.

Information on hiring a Tampa car accident attorney, including reasons why you need a lawyer, what to look for in an attorney, when and how to find an accident lawyer, and the right questions to ask can all be found at

Get Lawyered Up Now with Tampa Car Accident Attorney Martin Hernandez of Fernandez and Hernandez by calling: 813-229-5353 or
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The Best Time to Get Lawyered Up After an Auto Accident

InjuryLawyersOfTampa.comTiming is very everything. What is too late for one thing is too early for another. Like Willie Nelson said: “The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.”

After an auto accident, when is the best time to Get Lawyered Up?
Now is the best time to get a Tampa Accident Attorney. We always recommend as soon after the accident as you can to get a lawyer. The insurance companies are already hard at work protecting themselves and their insureds. Shouldn’t you?

If you have been injured in an auto accident and need a Tampa Injury attorney, get lawyered up now and contact Tampa Injury Attorney Martin Hernandez at 813-229-5353 or

“Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is timing. It waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.” -Fulton J Sheen

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Lawyer Up or DIY?

Lawyer Up or DIY?

If you are trying to decide whether to “lawyer up” or DIY, you should read the Consumer Reports article at the link below about the effectiveness of legal “help” websites.  While using these self-help websites are better than having nothing or trying to DIY (“do it yourself”), it doesn’t beat the real thing getting lawyered up with a real attorney that can give you the best course of action.  No matter how much a person thinks their situation is similar to others and think that they can use the same forms the other person did, these websites/forms are not able to assess a person’s full legal picture.  Only a well-qualified attorney can advise you of that.

These website cannot give you the best course of action that a lawyer can tell you.  They can only give a general statement of what is the best course of action in general terms.  Simply put, it the best course of action for everybody is not the best course action for you.  Square peg, round hole.  Ask your lawyer what is the best course of action in your case.

By: Martin J. Hernandez, Esq.

Fernandez and Hernandez, LLC is a fully bilingual, Tampa-based Law Firm. Our practice areas include Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, and Criminal Defense.  We are litigators, so if your case requires it, we are as comfortable in a courtroom as we are in the office.  We never charge for an initial consultation and are available 24/7.  Ask the Tampa lawyer near you to help you with your case before you try to do it yourself.  Call us to find out what your rights are and let us help you.

If you require a doctor or medical provider near you, ask Tampa Attorney Martin Hernandez “where is the nearest doctor near me?” for a free referral to a doctor near you.

At Fernandez and Hernandez, our mission is to help with you get fully compensated for your injuries and our goal is to help you get there. If we may be of service, please do not hesitate to call us at 813-229-5353

How Can a Tampa Accident Attorney Help You in Your Claim?

If you injured in a car accident, it is essential to speak with an attorney before filing an insurance claim or discussing the accident with anyone other than your physician.

Don’t go it alone!  Insurance companies do not make money paying claims.  They are in the risk business and they never lose.  It is important to remember that anything you say may be used against you in future negotiations.

After listening to your account of the accident, your attorney can help you file an insurance claim with the other driver’s insurer and speak to the company on your behalf.

At Fernandez & Hernandez, LLC, our Tampa attorneys have decades of experience handling car accident claims and can evaluate your claim for the best course of action.  Our lawyers the difficulties you may face in recovering compensation.

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