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Motorcycles and Safety Gear – What Happens if You are in an Accident

Motorcycle safety gear is essential for protecting riders in the event of an accident. Highlights 🛡️ Safety gear such as helmets and protective clothing can absorb impact and shield riders from road rash. 📝 It’s important to understand how safety gear works to maximize its effectiveness. 💰 After a motorcycle

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Feeling Sore After an Auto Accident – FAQ

Feeling sore after a car accident? Get checked out by a doctor to avoid losing benefits. Call the number provided for help finding doctors near you. Highlights 🩺 Getting checked out after a car accident is important to avoid losing benefits. 📞 Call the provided number to find doctors near

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Motorcycle Accidents

How are Motorcycle Accidents Different From Car Accidents in Florida?

Martin J. Hernandez: How are motorcycle accidents different from car accidents in Florida? Let’s talk about that. There are two main differences between an auto accident and a motorcycle accident. First and foremost, motorcycles do not carry personal injury protection. Personal injury protection in the state of Florida pays for

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