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Distracted Driving Accidents in Florida Explained by Tampa Injury Lawyer Martin Hernandez

If you have been involved in a an SUV or car accident in the Tampa Bay area call Tampa Personal Injury Attorney, Martin J. Hernandez at 813-755-9500




Martin Hernandez, a personal injury and auto accident attorney, discusses the various factors that contribute to rear-end collisions, with a focus on distracted driving.


🚗 Rear-end collisions are often caused by traffic conditions, aggressive driving, impatient driving, impaired driving, and especially distracted driving.
📱 Hernandez emphasizes the dangers of using cellphones while driving, highlighting its contribution to rear-end collisions.
⏳ He advises drivers to be patient, stay focused, and not rely on their vehicle’s self-braking mechanisms.
💼 Hernandez offers legal assistance to those injured in rear-end collisions, helping them seek the highest compensation possible.
☎️ He urges individuals to “lawyer up” after such incidents, providing his contact information for those in need of legal representation.


I’m Martin Hernandez your personal injury and auto accident attorney rearing collisions often happen because of things like traffic conditions aggressive driving impatient driving Reaction Time impaired driving indecisive driving inexperienced driving tailgating and especially distracted driving like people on their cell
phone usually it’s a series of events that lead up to a rear end collision and these are the pieces of the puzzle that help us understand who’s at fault and why my advice be patient stay focused and don’t count on your vehicle self-breaking if you’ve been injured in a rearing Collision I’ll help you put
these pieces together analyze the situation and seek the highest compensation for you remember after 911 lawyer up at 813 87491

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