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Drunk Driving and Interlock Device – Should DUI Charges be Dropped?

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Guardian Interlock DeviceTallahassee is considering a law that would allow DUI charges to be dropped in exchange for using a interlock device in their cars for 6 months.

The Simmons Interlock Amendment is similar to SB 918 and would incentivize ignition interlock use for first-time drunk drivers who did not cause an injury. First-time offenders who successfully complete their time on an ignition interlock, along with DUI schools and other existing court ordered conditions, could have their criminal record sealed. However, a subsequent DUI offense would count as a second offense. Lawmakers have until May 5th to enact this legislation.

Interlocks are currently required for repeat offenders and first-time offenders with a BAC of 0.15 or greater (Florida law presumes a driver is impaired if the BAC is over a 0.08). Over the past 10 years, ignition interlocks have prevented 68,236 attempts to drive drunk in Florida.

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