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Everything You Need to Know About Premises Liability Laws

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The term “premises liability” may sound strange, but it is an area of law that has some serious importance. If you’ve ever been on someone else’s property, then you may be able to understand how premises liability laws can really matter.

This is especially true if you or someone else is injured. Premises liability essentially says that property owners are responsible for making sure that visitors to the land are safe.

If a visitor gets injured because of a dangerous condition that exists on the property, the owner could be found liable in a court of law. If that happens, they would likely have to pay compensation to the injured party for damages that have resulted.

Understanding some factors of premises liability may help you decide whether hiring a lawyer is the right choice for you. If you have been injured and need help, we offer free consultations to discuss your case.

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Who Is Protected By Premises Liability Laws?

Slipping, tripping, or falling in a place outside your home could be especially difficult for many victims. You may feel confused, disoriented, in pain, and embarrassed.

While these are all normal feelings, the stakes may rise if you were actually hurt. Also, the owner may actually be at-fault and responsible for your injuries and their resulting impact.

Fortunately, premises liability laws may help to protect you if the worst happens. An attorney can also help you learn about your possible case’s outcome based on these laws.

Premises liability states that, if there is negligence at the time of an accident, both public and private landowners can be found liable for injuries that are caused by dangerous conditions on their property.

What Kinds Of Cases Involve Premises Liability?

You may hear about premises liability cases and not even realize it. For instance, slip and fall cases, which are fairly common, are usually considered premises liability, as well as:

Remember that just because an accident occurs on someone’s property, it doesn’t automatically mean that there was negligence on the part of the landowner. The same goes for an unsafe condition or hazard on the property: just because it is there does not mean that the owner is immediately liable for injuries.

However, if you were injured, don’t make the mistake of assuming that you do not have a case without consulting a lawyer first. You may still have a chance to be compensated by law, which a lawyer can help you determine.

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What Are The Elements of A Premises Liability Case?

In a typical case to show that a negligent landowner is responsible for a victim’s injuries, the plaintiff must generally prove that:

  • The defendant is in fact the owner of the property
  • The owner owed the plaintiff (usually the victim) a duty to show reasonable care to protect them from any harm
  • The defendant failed to uphold that duty
  • The victim was injured on the property
  • The injuries would not have been caused unless the defendant was negligent

Keep in mind that these are general ideas and courts may use varying standards. Also, knowing whether your case would meet these elements can be very difficult without the help of an attorney. We can discuss what options you have and help guide you through the steps.

What Compensation Is Paid For Premises Liability Injuries?

Victims can be compensated for various losses and expenses that affect them after they’ve been hurt in a premises liability accident. For example, they may be able to recover under the law for things like:

but keep in mind that every case is different, with different factors to consider. If you have questions about your case, in particular, your best chance to get personalized advice is to speak with a lawyer that handles premises liability cases.

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