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How Can An Auto Accident Change Your Life?

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Car getting towed after an accident in Tampa

Even the smallest of accidents can change a life in an instant. While physical injuries are probably the most noticeable consequence of a collision, they are often only a part of the challenges that crash victims face.

Many different kinds of accident-related losses, from missing work to damaged property, can result, and are usually called ‘damages’ in personal injury cases. Calculating the damages a victim has suffered helps to determine the value of their claim.

Of course, understanding all the complex effects of an accident on a person can be difficult if you haven’t experienced it yourself. That’s why our attorneys work closely with our clients as well as with professionals in accident investigation* in handling accident cases*.

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For many traffic accident victims, getting compensated can mean rebuilding after suffering life-altering losses with lasting effects. Some common ways that an accident can impact your life are listed below:

Losing Your Vehicle

Most of us rely on our cars for everyday necessities like getting to work, driving the kids around, and grocery shopping. If your car was damaged in an accident, you may have to find a way to get around without it for some time.

Physical Injuries

Getting hurt in an accident could leave you with short and long term injuries that can affect you for years down the road. Bone breaks, traumatic brain injuries, nerve damage, and back and neck issues are just some of the life-changing physical issues that can come from an accident. One of the biggest causes of stress for victims soon after they have been injured in an accident is facing lost wages from not being able to work. Some of the longer-lasting effects of accident injuries include not being able to enjoy your hobbies or perform everyday tasks, like chores.

Emotional Damages

Many crash victims do not just feel the pain of their injuries, but also have emotional difficulties because of them too. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, fear, and anxiety about driving a car are some of the most common emotional problems that can result from accident-related injuries.

Many people who have been injured in a crash also find themselves affected by sleep loss or insomnia from being hurt. Determining how much you have been emotionally impacted by an accident could depend on many factors. Meeting with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine what your claim could be worth.

Companionship Losses

If you are physically limited in what activities you can do because of an accident-related injury, it can put a strain on the relationships that you have with your family members or spouse. This could mean you do not feel as bonded with your family, or you could be having problems being intimate with your spouse because you were hurt in an accident.

Medical And Legal Appointments

Dealing with the impact of an accident can change your schedule and limit your free time by a lot. Going to all the medical and accident-related appointments could cause you to miss work and time with family. If your injuries require long-term treatment, these appointments could be part of your life for months or years.

Trauma From The Death Of A Loved One

It’s hard to describe the grief of losing someone you love in an accident. The impact from an event like this is probably unimaginable for those who have not been through it. It is so life-altering that some people may not recover from losing a friend, spouse, or family member like this in their lifetime. Aside from any physical injuries, surviving victims can experience some emotional trauma such as anxiety, PTSD, and/or depression after an accident involving the passing of a loved one.

Lengthy Legal Procedures

Many people believe that determining their insurance coverage will be easy and straightforward after an accident. Unfortunately, the reality is often more complicated. Before a settlement is reached in a personal injury case, there is usually a negotiations process that can take months or even years. Legal claims for accident injuries do take time to be resolved, which can be stressful when there are pressures mounting from the crash.

Keep in mind that no two accidents are exactly the same, and your case may be unique. This is where hiring an attorney to take on your case could ease a lot of pressure as you move through the legal process.

Financial Stress

From the medical bills to the vehicle repair costs, getting into an accident can certainly add to anyone’s financial troubles. Getting ticketed for a crash can also be costly.

Possibly the most long-term effect of an accident is having your credit damaged from falling behind on bills. If you have been injured in an accident and have questions, contact an experienced attorney for help.

Who Should I Call?

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