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How Safe Are Pedestrians in a Crosswalk?

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Crossing a yellow crosswalk

While Florida law favors pedestrians in a crosswalk, pedestrians have the most to lose. It’s interesting to me when I tell people ‘watch out for the car’ when they are crossing the street and they respond: ‘But it would have been the car’s fault!’

Really? Who cares? You’re the one that would have been (likely) severely hurt and would have to live with those injuries for the rest of your life. Who cares whose fault it is if you are the one paying for it. Avoid the collision and pay attention as these roads are dangerous.

Maybe that’s because the Tampa Bay Area is well-known to be one of the most dangerous places to walk or ride a bicycle. Last year’s statistics did not show any improvement and we do not expect any improvement this year in 2020.

According to the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the number of pedestrians killed in 2019 increased by nearly 10% in Tampa Bay with Hillsborough County suffering 59 pedestrian deaths, Pinellas County with 37 pedestrian deaths, Pasco County suffering 23 pedestrian deaths, and Hernando County with 7 pedestrian deaths.

Florida law on pedestrians and traffic regulations states the driver of a motor vehicle at any marked crosswalk shall stop and remain stopped to allow pedestrians to cross once they are in the crosswalk.

Frankly, both pedestrians and motorists should use common sense when entering a crosswalk. Pay attention and be cautious.

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