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How Tampa’s Only Trilingual Lawyer Referral Service Got Started | Get Lawyered Up Episode 2

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How Tampa’s Only Trilingual Lawyer Referral Service Got Started


  • 💼 Lawyer referral service created to help Latinos find trustworthy legal assistance
  • 🤝 Challenges include language barrier, trust issues, and common mistakes made by Latinos seeking legal advice
  • 🕵️‍♂️ La Liga Legal provides access to a network of 17 Latino lawyers in Tampa
  • ❌ Common mistakes include seeking advice from family members, settling without legal guidance, and involvement in fraudulent activities
  • ⏳ Impatience and unnecessary stress often hinder the legal process for Latinos seeking justice
The key idea of the video is that Itamar Martinez, founder of La Liga Legal, overcame language barriers and personal challenges to create Tampa’s only trilingual lawyer referral service, providing assistance and legal advice to the Latino community and helping them avoid fraud and seek proper legal representation.
  • 📚
    00:00 Itamar Martinez, founder of La Liga Legal, Tampa’s only trilingual lawyer referral service, overcame challenges in his education and now offers legal services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • 📚
    03:09 The speaker, who came to the US without speaking English, overcame language barriers and graduated from high school in Tampa before starting their own business.
  • 📚
    09:59 The speaker started off as a car parker at a Mercedes-Benz dealership, but eventually became a trained technician before deciding to become a lawyer and obtaining various licenses in finance to pursue their goal of leaving their job.
  • 👏
    13:55 The speaker expresses gratitude towards Randy Powell for supporting their future goals and emphasizes the importance of helping others based on personal experiences, leading to the creation of a lawyer referral service that provides assistance regardless of circumstances.
  • 📅
    16:53 Tampa’s only trilingual lawyer referral service was created in 2010 to help people find attorneys, and has since expanded to meet the needs of clients, including the need for Hispanic attorneys.
  • 📚
    20:34 Many Americans, including educated professionals, lack knowledge about basic legal and insurance terms, leading to confusion and misunderstandings when dealing with legal issues or car accidents, which is why a trilingual lawyer referral service, La Liga, was created to explain legal concepts to the Latino community and meet regulations set by the Florida bar.
  • 📅
    23:55 A lawyer referral service called Latino Legal was started in 2011 after the speaker helped a woman with a flat tire, and it has since grown to include 17 lawyers and expanded to include doctors for personal injury cases.
  • 📞
    28:36 Tampa’s only trilingual lawyer referral service, centralizpano.com, helps Latinos and Americans avoid fraud and seek proper legal advice, emphasizing the importance of choosing legitimate facilities and understanding the value of settlements. Collapse
    • Latinos and Americans in general often make the mistake of seeking advice from family members or relying on incorrect information from Google, which stems from a lack of trust in the legal system and leads to problems such as not trusting their attorney and falling victim to fraud.
    • In Cuba, due to a system full of fraud and limited resources, people are forced to commit fraud and steal from the government in order to survive, with jobs being seen as opportunities to steal and sell on the black market rather than for monetary compensation.
    • The speaker discusses the issue of fraud in the personal injury business, particularly in the Hispanic community, where clinics pay patients to come in for treatment, and emphasizes the importance of avoiding such clinics.
    • The speaker warns viewers to choose a legitimate facility or find another lawyer, shares his experience with clients needing criminal lawyers, and highlights the comical nature of individuals trying to settle cases on their own without understanding the value or speaking the language.
    • Accepting a settlement without seeking legal advice can lead to costly consequences, as handling legal matters on your own often results in unnecessary stress and impatience, and it is important to remember that a large settlement may not bring personal enjoyment if it is due to a serious injury or loss.
    • Tampa’s only trilingual lawyer referral service, centralizpano.com, is available for contact through callita.com and the phone number 844 legal11, catering to the Brazilian community and offering legal services in Portuguese, Spanish, and American English.

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