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I have full coverage, why am I not covered?

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Are you fully covered by your auto policy if you get into an auto accident?
Are you fully covered by your auto policy if you get into an auto accident?

Full coverage, while it can mean a variety of things, does not automatically imply that bodily injury is covered.  Typically, the term “full coverage” means the minimum required to obtain a driver’s license in the State of Florida.  Bodily Injury liability is NOT REQUIRED in Florida.  That means that the person who hit you may owe you money, but you will have to collect from the at-fault party personally and not from his or her insurance company.  This is a very difficult task.  Therefore, we highly recommend you purchase Underinsured Motorist coverage to protect you and your family in case you are struck by a person without insurance or without enough insurance.  Contact your insurance company for clarification on your insurance coverage.

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