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The Most Important Thing to Know when Buying Auto Insurance

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Buying automobile insurance can be confusing and people tend to just follow the advice of a sales representative or insurance agent who is primary goal is to make a sale.  That’s a big mistake because this sales representative or insurance agent is not analyzing your needs and may not understand it himself.  In fact, there is one coverage that we notice is not pushed by such sales people and it is THE MOST IMPORTANT coverage you can have to protect yourself and your family wherever you go.

According to most estimates, at least 24% of Florida motorists are uninsured.  Of the roughly 75% that have insurance, a large number have relatively minimal liability policy limits of $10,000 per accident.  Many more have liability insurance coverage in limits well under $100,000.  Remarkably few drivers have high limits liability coverage and umbrella liability insurance.  What does this mean?  If you are involved in a serious accident and sustain serious injuries with tens or hundreds of thousands in medical bills and wage loss, well over half the drivers on the road have inadequate insurance to compensate you for injuries they cause when they are behind the wheel.  How do you deal with this hard cold fact?  You buy uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.  My recommendation is to buy coverage equivalent to your household income.

UM coverage is designed to take the place of the other driver’s insurance when you are hurt in a car accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver.  Don’t rush through the paperwork when buying or renewing your auto insurance.  Pay attention to what you are getting for your money.  And above all, be sure to buy the most important coverage offered in Florida, UM coverage, to protect your family from injuries and expenses from accidents with underinsured drivers.  And remember this, there is a Spanish phrase that loosely translates to this “doing it cheap, always comes out expensive.”

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