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Is a Larger Firm Better Than a Smaller Firm?

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Is It Better to Hire a Big Law Firm?

The short answer is: it depends. For most car accidents, it is not always better to hire a large firm over a smaller or boutique law firm. The service is better with smaller firms. The argument that the small firm lawyers need the money more than the client does is not always true. What is true is that big firms need to resolve cases in order to pay their huge overhead each month.

When it comes to choosing a law firm, there are literally thousands of options available. Too many people instinctively head toward larger firms simply because they wrongly assume bigger is always better. That what they see in the advertisements is better. Don’t believe the advertisements. Most law firms are small and can handle car accident litigation. And no, most of us do not want to just settle and collect the money.

Sure, if you are a large corporation (i.e., insurance company) you need to hire a large firm because of the big caseload you are going to send them in multiple jurisdictions, but what if you are an individual? Is the same true of a small firm? Not necessarily. The advantages of smaller law firms offer tremendous benefits to those savvy enough to look beyond firm size. Personalized service. Faster response. That personal touch. Client interaction. Hungry for the best results. Usually, those are lacking in large firms because of the volume of business they must ‘churn and burn’ to cover their monstrous overhead. Also, big firms usually only take the ‘low hanging fruits’ and do not want to handle cases with little coverage and huge bills.

Where Are the Best Lawyers in Big Firm or in Small Firms?

One of the most common misconceptions is that the best attorneys are at the biggest law firms as large law firms attract and retain the best lawyers. The truth is, talent-quality is spread throughout the industry and not always in large firms. The truth is: how hungry is the attorney? The best lawyers at large firms often strike out on their own to open their own offices, taking with them a small handful of highly capable support staff. Today’s leading law school graduates, those looking to make a difference rather than make a fortune, are narrowing their focus on one practice area and joining boutique firms rather than larger firms that tend to just make the senior partners rich on the backs of the young lawyers and staff. Other great lawyers simply want to make money for themselves instead of the partners of larger firms, choosing instead to hang their shingles somewhere that does not require them putting in 60-70 hours every week for somebody else’s benefit.

The bottom line is, you can find great lawyers just about anywhere: in large firms, boutique firms, and even solo practitioners. Hence, the reason why some of the largest corporations are figuring this out and shifting their resources away from the bigger firms to smaller firms.

Chances are you’ll have much more interaction with your lawyer at a smaller firm which means you’ll be more satisfied with your experience. Flexible hours. Unlike large structured law firms, attorneys at smaller firms have more flexibility when it comes to working hours.

Small Law Firms vs. Large Law Firms

Just because a law firm has many lawyers does not necessarily mean that it is better equipped to handle your particular claim. For example, if there are 25 lawyers in a firm yet only one or two of them specialize in personal injury cases, then there’s not much of an advantage to hiring that firm over a solo practitioner or a small firm. In fact, a small firm may be a better fit as they usually can attend to your needs better. In fact to many people, actually meeting the lawyer you hired is important.

However, sometimes it certainly does make sense to hire a larger firm. If your case is complex and pursuing it will be expensive and very labor-intensive, then hiring a larger firm could well be an advantage. Solo practitioners may have a difficult time providing funding for a case like yours. But for almost every auto accident case is pretty straightforward to an experienced attorney and a large firm will not be the best option for you where you will be treated like everybody else.

But What If My Case Gets Too Difficult for My Attorney?

Many solo practice lawyers have developed associations with larger firms that specialize in more complex, difficult, and expensive cases. So it is possible for you to get the best of both worlds.

What Is the Advantage of Using a Large Law Firm Versus a Smaller Firm?

If it is a complex case with many plaintiffs or one that will take millions of dollars to litigate, then a big firm is in your best interest. However, if you are the only party and it is an everyday auto accident, then a smaller firm may be the best choice for you.

What Considerations Should I Have When Choosing a Lawyer?

Regardless of the size of the firm, one of the most important considerations in choosing a lawyer is your level of confidence and trust that your lawyer will do good work in representing you and your family in your time of need.

It is important that you have the ability to develop a personal, professional relationship with your attorney, and that the lines of communication are kept open at all times.

Do you think your attorney can fully fund your case? What if it costs $25,000? $35,000? $50,000 to prosecute your case. Can your attorney handle that? Many firms cannot or will not. However, our firm is prepared to fully fund your claim and if we cannot, we will find other attorneys to help us or will, respectfully, turn it away and refer you to another law firm.

Should My Attorney Be Available to Me?

Whether from a larger firm or a small firm, your lawyer must be available to you when you need him or her and must be responsive to your needs. A lawyer has an ethical obligation to meet those requirements. At Martin Hernandez PA, you will meet with Martin Hernandez personally. If appropriate and in your best interests, Martin will discuss the case and what to expect from beginning to end with you. Ready to Get Lawyered Up Now? Call us today: 813.755.9500

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