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Lawyer Up or DIY?

If you are trying to decide whether to “lawyer up” or DIY, you should read the Consumer Reports article at the link below about the effectiveness of legal “help” websites.  While using these self-help websites are better than having nothing or trying to DIY (“do it yourself”), it doesn’t beat the real thing getting lawyered up with a real attorney that can give you the best course of action.  No matter how much a person thinks their situation is similar to others and think that they can use the same forms the other person did, these websites/forms are not able to assess a person’s full legal picture.  Only a well-qualified attorney can advise you of that.

These website cannot give you the best course of action that a lawyer can tell you.  They can only give a general statement of what is the best course of action in general terms.  Simply put, it the best course of action for everybody is not the best course action for you.  Square peg, round hole.  Ask your lawyer what is the best course of action in your case.


By: Martin J. Hernandez, Esq.

Martin Hernandez PA, LLC is a fully bilingual, Tampa-based Law Firm. Our practice areas include Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, and Criminal Defense.  We are litigators, so if your case requires it, we are as comfortable in a courtroom as we are in the office.  We never charge for an initial consultation and are available 24/7.  Ask the Tampa lawyer near you to help you with your case before you try to do it yourself.  Call us to find out what your rights are and let us help you.

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