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Carrollwood Auto Accident Lawyer

Carrollwood , FL – Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence (like a car accident in Carrollwood ), Florida law enables you to hold the responsible parties accountable and make a recovery for damages for the financial hardships you suffered. At the Law Offices of Martin Hernandez, PA, a Carrollwood  personal injury lawyer, our team is here to help you get the compensation you need.

Whether you were hurt in a car wreck, injured at work, or suffered a fall, we are ready to hear what happened to you during a free consultation. We can go over the details of your case and how our team in Riverview, Florida, can help you.

Riverview Personal Injury and Car Accident Lawyer

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We also understand that every injury is a serious injury, and every client deserves justice and fair compensation. Many people try to do it themselves. However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed after you’ve been involved in an accident that has caused significant injury or loss. It is also difficult to navigate insurance policies and determine what your case is worth. You do not, however, have to be in this alone.

If you don’t see the type of lawyer you need, the case you have, or the accident you suffered listed here, do not worry. We still want to hear from you.

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What Personal Injury Cases Have in Common

A common factor that the majority of personal injury cases have is negligence. As such, in order to secure compensation, you must show the four tenets of negligence:

  1. Duty of care: The other party was expected to behave with reasonable care (e.g., follow road rules, properly train employees, keep premises safe, etc.).
  2. Failure to uphold said duty: The other party did not live up to their expectations to keep you safe (e.g., driving while intoxicated, poor hiring practices and training, not addressing hazards, etc.).
  3. Causation: The other party’s carelessness triggered an accident or incident that caused you harm. This could involve a car accident, medical malpractice/nursing home abuse, or premises liability.
  4. Damages: You now have to suffer financial and non-financial consequences (e.g., medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering).

To help prove each of these points, you can gather evidence that supports your side of the story. This could include photos of the accident scene, your doctor’s testimony, or an incident report.

Possible Recoverable Damages in Your Personal Injury Case

We can’t say how much your case is worth off-hand, as it depends on many factors. These losses could include:

  • The type of accident in which you were involved
  • The nature and severity of your injuries
    Your quality of life
  • How the accident has affected your finances
  • Who was responsible for the incident
  • The other party’s insurance policy limits

You don’t need to deal with the repercussions of the accident on your own, as you can request damages from the person or company that caused your injuries.Carrollwood 

What May I Be Able to Recover Compensation For After a Car Accident?

You may make a recovery for past, present and future: medical costs; lost wages; pain and suffering; loss of consortium; scarring; disfigurement; etc.

Past, Present and Expected Future Medical Costs

If you are injured, you need to see a qualified medical professional within 14-days to qualify for medical benefits. If your injuries were serious enough, you or someone else could have called for an ambulance. From there, you might have needed to stay at the hospital, undergo diagnostic tests, and/or have emergency surgery.

In any case, your doctor might have prescribed you pain medications. Further, your injuries could have called for medical devices and ongoing check-ups.

All of these costs add up, especially if your injuries were serious. You don’t have to come up with the money by yourself to pay these bills off. You may be able to request reimbursement from the other party.

Past and Future Lost Wages

Between resting at home and getting treatment, you might have had to take time off work. When you request compensation, you can claim lost tips, business opportunities, commissions, bonuses, hourly wages, and vacation time, among other benefits.

If you won’t be able to work at the same job or are forced to work for a lower wage, the difference in pay can be accounted for in your claim or lawsuit.

Property Damage

If you were in a traffic accident, repairs and replacement costs for your vehicle aren’t cheap. You may have the option to seek financial recovery for property damages.

If your loved one was a victim of financial abuse in their nursing home, you may be able to recover the costs of their stolen items and money.

Non-Economic Damages

There are always intangible damages. Should not ignore the physical and emotional toll the incident has taken on you. In turn, you might be able to recover funds for:

  • Lost quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental and emotional trauma
  • Scarring and disfigurement

These damages are subjective, and the amount you can request for them might be difficult to calculate. Your personal injury lawyer can assess your situation and determine how these losses have affected your life.

Wrongful Death-Related Damages

In the event your family member succumbs to their accident-related injuries, you can seek compensation for the following end-of-life expenses:

  • Funeral and burial services
  • Final medical costs
  • Lost income and financial support
  • Lost companionship and consortium

How the Financial Recovery Process Works for Bodily Injuries in Florida

During your research, you may have read that Florida is a no-fault state. This means that when an accident happens, you file a claim with your insurer to recover compensation. This is typical in motor vehicle accident cases.

However, if the injured party’s injuries are “serious” or their damages exceed the cost of their coverage, then they can pursue compensation from your insurer. If your insurer refuses to settle, then the injured party could file a lawsuit against you – as long as it is done before Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a) expires.

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What Can A Carrollwood Personal Injury Lawyer Do For Me?

Your Carrollwood  Personal Injury Lawyer (Car Accident Attorney) can:

  • Give you access to an attorney to answer questions for you (813-755-9500)
  • Request a copy of the police, accident, or incident report
  • Speak to eyewitnesses and interview and retain expert witnesses
  • Gather related photographs and look at video footage, if available
  • Review medical and cell phone records, insurance policies, and black box information
  • Identify and prove who the responsible party is in your case
  • Act as the buffer between you and the other parties involved
  • Negotiate for a resolution or settlement with the insurance provider
  • Bring your case to court if they can’t settle your case
  • Promptly answer any questions you may have

At our firm, we go the extra mile for our clients. Part of this mission is serving you on a contingency-fee basis, meaning there is no money due up front or hourly. Your Riverview personal injury lawyer’s reimbursement for their work comes out of your awarded damages. Should they be unable to succeed in this endeavor, they walk away with nothing.

What Steps Should I Take After a Tampa Car Accident?

There are a number of important steps to take after a crash to create the best outcome for your case. In addition to seeking medical care within 14-days, filing a police report, and notifying your insurance company, your next step should be calling or texting an experienced Carrollwood  car accident lawyer for legal representation. Working with an experienced Tampa car crash lawyer is highly advised, even if you think that your case is straightforward and that you are guaranteed a settlement.

How Martin Hernandez Can Help You with Your Personal Injury Case

Right now, your primary concern is: Who Is Going to Pay For All of This? Being involved in an accident can quickly become expensive. Hiring a qualified auto accident lawyer to help you with your personal injury case is the first step to making a recovery. We will establish the at-fault party in your bodily injury case and investigate who is responsible and whether the responsible party has the financial resources to compensate you for the injuries sustained by their negligence.

Things to Know About Personal Injury Cases in Hillsborough County, Florida

While considering legal action, here are some things to know about the legal process:

Insurance Companies Don’t Always Negotiate in Good Faith

The responsible insurance company is not your friend. Insurance companies are a for-profit business that wants to resolve your case for as little as possible. While many insurers negotiate in good faith, others go to extreme lengths to deny injured claimants compensation, delay compensation or pay as little as necessary in order to put profits over people.

Florida’s a No-Fault State. Can I File a Lawsuit?

Although Florida operates on a no-fault system, this does not bar you from filing a lawsuit. You can file a lawsuit if your damages go beyond the liable party’s policy limits. Other situations may also enable you to file a lawsuit.

If your case goes to trial, you don’t have to worry about navigating courtroom procedure on your own. The Law Offices of Martin Hernandez, PA will do that for you.

What Should I Do After Getting Hurt Due to Negligence?

If you suffered harm due to another party’s negligence, the following measures could secure a favorable outcome:

  • Refrain from sharing information online
  • Limit what you share with other parties
  • Consider your legal options
  • Keep track of your injury-related losses
  • Seek medical care and follow through with treatment

Let the Carrollwood personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Martin Hernandez, PA guide you through the next steps to get your life back on track. If you have questions, look through our FAQs on personal injuries or call now.

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Carrollwood Car Accident Injury Lawyer

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