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Family Law

Family Law Services provided by of counsel George Melendez

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Mr. Melendez has been advocating for parties going through divorce since he first made his transition from the Office of the Public Defender into the practice of civil litigation. He recognizes that there are times when the parties are unable to participate in the traditional Collaborative Divorce Model. When parties are faced with difficult circumstances Mr. Melendez is equipped to advocate for the client through litigation. Whether your spouse or significant other refuses to elect into the Collaborative process or whether your needs require immediate litigation, Mr. Melendez is ready to advocate for your needs.

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Collaborative Divorce

Tampa Family Law LawyerMr. Melendez has completed advanced training in Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative Divorce is a method of divorce whereby the participants request not to be subjected to the traditional method of divorce so as to avoid the common pitfalls of the traditional method including increased animosity, detrimental effects on children, increased litigation, depression, financial hardship, and heartache. In the collaborative method, the participants enter into an agreement where they agree that they will not litigate their family law issues in Court. This is a breakthrough in the way that family law is practiced!

Collaborative Divorce is also a worldwide trend that is getting increased attention by both the local Bars and the judiciary. In the collaborative method, the parties engage in a team approach to find a solution to their differences. You do not have to be without problems to be successful in collaborative! The parties agree on a team usually consisting of one set of professionals instead of competing professionals found in the traditional method. By having one set of professionals the costs are immediately reduced and the process becomes solution-based instead of conflict-driven. Another benefit of the collaborative method is that any agreements that the parties reach do not need to be filed with the public record at the courthouse. This level of privacy is an additional compelling reason that many people are seeking a collaborative method.

If you need a family lawyer give George Melendez a call at 813-280-0181.


Paternity is an important subsection of Family Law. Typically when a child is born to parents who have never been married to each other, specific issues arise such as child support, parenting plans (previously custody) and the need to gain parental rights when one parent has been withholding the child. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, many of these issues if not all can and should be resolved through the collaborative process. Mr. Melendez welcomes you to ask how the collaborative process can better resolve all paternity issues. When the collaborative process is not right for you, Mr. Melendez will be your advocate through the litigation process.

George A. Melendez

George A. Melendez, Esq, is an alumnus of  Tampa’s Jesuit High school, attended law school at Nova South Eastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center. Prior to pursuing his law degree, Mr. Melendez received his bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Furman University in Greenville South Carolina. After college, Mr. Melendez developed his interest in the law while working as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem for four years advocating for children caught in dependency court and subject to allegations of abuse and neglect.

While Mr. Melendez attended law school he took advantage of Nova’s respected clerkship in Environmental law where he worked directly under Richard Grosso, Esq. and fought to save the critically endangered ecosystems of the everglades and South Florida.

Upon receiving his Juris Doctorate or his law degree, Mr. Melendez began his legal career as a law clerk for a very well respected Tampa criminal defense appellate attorney. After this experience, Mr. Melendez worked under a seasoned and respected local probate and estate planning attorney in Hyde Park. Having gained a basic understanding of both litigation and transactional law, Mr. Melendez pursued his direction as a criminal defense attorney at the office of the Public Defender in New Port Richey, Pasco County, Florida. At the Public Defender’s office, Mr. Melendez defended those charged with misdemeanors, including batteries and DUI’s, felonies and capital felony charges including sex crimes.

After life as a Public Defender, Mr. Melendez ventured from being a government attorney to entering the private world of civil litigation where he began practicing in areas such as Family and Domestic Relations Law, Dependency Law, Civil Litigation, Land Lord Tenant, Foreclosure Defense in addition to Criminal Defense and Juvenile Delinquency. Mr. Melendez proudly created the Melendez Law Office in 2010 and continues to practice in all of the above areas of law.

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