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Motorcycle Accidents

Tampa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As your Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorney, we know that riding a motorcycle can make even the most routine drive seem fresh and new. Motorcycle driving is not only enjoyable, but it can be economical too. Motorcycles cost far less to fill up which is a blessing.  Furthermore, today’s motorcycles are far more safe to drive than the bikes of the past. Motorcycles have well-placed, numerous mirrors so you always know what’s beside you and behind you. Bikes also come equipped with plenty of reflectors, incredibly powerful brakes, and tires that stick to the road.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. The fact of the matter is that motorcycles have to share Tampa roadways with much larger passenger vehicles, semi-trucks, and trailers. These types of vehicles have a lot of blind spots, and drivers can easily fail to see a much smaller motorcycle driving close to them. Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly deadly. There is very little protection for the motorcycle rider and usually nothing between the body and roadway except maybe some leather.  That’s how a Tampa motorcycle accident attorney can help you in your case.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident?In the state of Florida, approximately 700 car accidents occur daily. For motorcyclists, the statistics are not much better—in 2010, nearly 300 motorcycle riders died on Florida roads in only nine months.  Most of us trust that when we have been injured in an auto accident or motorcycle accident, the insurance companies will cover our personal or property damages fairly and sufficiently; however, what is fair to you is not going to be what is fair to the insurance company.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accident victims often suffer greater injuries than that inside of cars or trucks.  To make matters worse, motorcyclists do not have to carry personal injury protection which would help offset the cost of the medical bills incurred.  Moreover, when a drunk driver injures a motorcyclist, it adds insult to injury.  And that is where we come in.

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Motorcycles are by their nature far less crashworthy than closed vehicles.  While 20% of all reported vehicle crashes are fatal, up to 80% of all motorcycle crashes involve a fatality. Of that remaining 20 % who don’t die from a motorcycle crash, they will experience serious injuries that are sometimes life-changing.  A reported 12% of all motorcycle crash victims go on to develop a disability. They are also less visible to other drivers and pedestrians and less stable than four-wheel vehicles. Operating a motorcycle requires a different combination of physical and mental skills than those used in driving four-wheel vehicles. Motorcyclists and their passengers are more vulnerable to the hazards of weather and road conditions than drivers in closed vehicles.

Early estimates from the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) show that motorcyclist fatalities in the United States are expected to have decreased by 5.6% in 2017 compared with 2016, a reduction of approximately 296 fatalities. The GHSA preliminary estimates are based on data from state traffic record systems.

In 2016, 5,286 people died in motorcycle crashes, up 5.1% from 5,029 in 2015, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Motorcycle fatalities increased for two years in a row and were at the highest level since 2008 when 5,312 people died in motorcycle crashes. In 2016, motorcyclists were 28 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled.

Note: statistics on fatal motorcycle crashes are also available from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The law firm of Martin Hernandez PA represents motorcyclists and their families injured by negligent motorists. If you were hit by a car or truck while on a motorcycle, we encourage you to contact an experienced Tampa cycling accident lawyer at Martin Hernandez PA.

Martin Hernandez assists motorcyclists injured in an accident to seek compensation for

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • property damage
  • pain and suffering

caused by a motor vehicle.  It is important not to talk with any insurance company until you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who has your best interest at hand.

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Common types of injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash

Below, we’ll cover the most common motorcycle crash injuries and why it’s crucial to have an attorney’s help if you’ve been injured.

  1. Road Rash

When people hear ‘road rash,’ they will often mistakenly equate it to rug burn, or a simple cut, scrape or bruise. But road rash is an incredibly painful and serious condition. Without proper treatment, road rash can lead to severe infections and scarring. An untreated infection can be fatal. There are three different types of road rash:

Avulsion, the most common type of road rash happens when the skin is scraped away and lower layers of muscle, fat, and sometimes bone is left exposed.

Open wounds always require stitches. If it is particularly severe, the victim may require a skin graft to treat the road rash.

A compression road rash happens when part of the body is caught between two objects, usually the motorcycle and the road. Compression road rash causes bruising, muscle damage, and sometimes broken bones.

To treat road rash, the wounds must be surgically cleaned of all debris. Sometimes, victims need to undergo skin graft or extensive plastic surgery. Top-of-the-line treatment for road rash can still lead to permanent scarring. The best way to protect yourself from a road rash injury is to always wear protective gear before you go out on the road.

  • Helmet
  • Jackets made of durable material
  • Pants made of durable material
  • Heavy boots
  • Heavy gloves

Protective clothing that’s made of durable, thick material such as leather is the best method of protection from road rash. Never go for a ride without covering yourself first.

  1. Broken Bones

Broken bones are the second most common motorcycle crash injury, and they always require medical treatment. Broken bones can cause disfigurement, permanent nerve damage, and sometimes disability. Depending on what bones you’ve broken will determine how long it takes for the injury to heal and if you’ll experience life-long pain from the break. A broken sternum will take longer to heal than a broken rib, and compression spinal fractures can cause lifelong nerve pain long after the bones have healed.

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A TBI is the third leading motorcycle crash injury and is incredibly severe and distressing. Head trauma is the leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes. Those who are lucky enough to survive will develop a TBI. And 10% of all TBI sufferers will have trouble living independent lives.

A TBI is disabling and painful, leading to neurological changes and complications that interfere with signals between the brain and the spinal cord. There are several symptoms involved in a TBI, and it can take doctors a long time and many tests before they can pinpoint that a TBI is the culprit. Simple, common symptoms like nausea and dizziness can indicate a TBI or spinal trauma, and swift medical attention is imperative. Without quick and adequate treatment, a TBI can lead to more severe, debilitating symptoms and permanent disability.

Even a well-treated TBI can lead to mental health changes that can take months or even years to develop. It’s crucial that after a motorcycle accident you contact an experienced attorney for help.

Why do you need a Tampa attorney after a motorcycle crash?

While most injuries can take weeks, months, or sometimes years to heal completely, they can also take a long time to manifest. After an accident, even if you don’t think you’re injured or your injuries aren’t severe, you need to go to the hospital. Initial injuries can be deceiving. By going to the hospital, not only will you be adequately treated, but you’ll also have official records regarding the accident. You need these records during a personal injury case.

Motorcycle injuries are usually more severe and longer-lasting than injuries from a vehicle crash. Car insurance companies will often fail to take responsibility and pay for your medical bills.  Florida No-Fault does not apply to motorcycle accidents and that is why your own insurance company might even give you a hard time settling your medical bills. Your job after getting injured is to heal, let your motorcycle injury attorney keep the insurance companies in line.  A motorcycle accident lawyer will look out for your best interests and keep your medical bills from going to collections. They’ll also know how to work with the insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve.

If you’ve had the misfortune of being involved in a motorcycle crash, you’ve already beat the odds by surviving. It’s critical to your future well-being to rest and heal from your injuries, not worry about medical debt and the stress of dealing with an insurance company. Your attorney works for you and will do their absolute best to get the insurance company to take responsibility for your injuries. If you’re suffering as a result of someone else’s negligence,

 Why should I hire a Tampa Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle accidents in Tampa can happen at any time and require special attention from an attorney because insurance adjusters complicate the process of recovering compensation for injured motorcyclists and try to minimize the recovery for the injured motorcyclists.  Therefore, it is important for injured riders, or loved ones acting on their behalf, to retain an attorney who has experience handling these types of claims.

The motorcycle lawyers at Fernandez & Hernandez, LLC successfully handled a claim against an insurance and, for one rider who died after a motorcycle accident, a $7,000,000 verdict for his Estate after he died in head-on collision. While each case is different and damages will vary, our motorcycle attorneys are committed to helping motorcyclists recover compensation for their losses, which may include medical bills and property damage.

According to AAA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the most recent crash data, Florida had a 30% increase in these deaths, making 2015 the highest on record. Motorcyclists accounted for 20% of motor vehicle fatalities in the state. In 2015, 606 people died and 9,045 were injured in motorcycle crashes on Florida roads.

AAA recommends the following safety tips for motorists:

  • Respect motorcycle riders. Motorcycles are vehicles too and have the same privileges as an automobile. Be sure to give them ample room.
  • Look and Listen. Even if a motorcycle is loud, you may not hear it. Actively look for motorcycles in traffic.
  • Leave room. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and motorcyclists. Uneven terrain, wet roads, and heavy traffic often require a motorcycle rider to react and maneuver differently than automobiles.
  • Be aware. Take extra caution when making a left-hand turn, because most automobile-versus-motorcycle crashes occur during left-hand turns.
  • Don’t drive distracted. A driver who takes their eyes off the road for two seconds doubles their risk of getting into a crash.

AAA recommends the following safety tips for motorcyclists:

Wear safety gear. Helmets that meet DOT compliance standards, eyewear, closed-toe footwear, and protective clothing reduce your risk of injury or death in a crash. Remember, the only thing between you and the ground is your protective gear.

Be visible. Keep headlights, marker, and taillights on at dusk and dark, or rainy weather. Wear bright clothing or put reflective strips on your bike to be more visible to other motorists. Avoid being in the blind spots of cars and trucks by following three to four seconds behind the vehicle in front of you.

Use sound judgment. Avoid weaving between lanes while riding. Be sure to use your signals and stick to the speed limit.

Get proper training. Completing a motorcycle safety course can not only make you a better rider but save you money on your motorcycle insurance.

Tampa Motorcycle Attorney Martin J. Hernandez

Attorney Martin J. Hernandez in Tampa provides legal representation for families in auto accident injury and wrongful death cases. Our Tampa personal injury attorneys welcome the opportunity to interview with you and your loved ones. We invite you to review our recent results from settlements to trial verdicts. Our qualifications and background are available to you as well. Our Tampa Attorney Martin Hernandez is bilingual as well.  Just call us at 813-755-9500 or contact us online for your free consultation.

The Tampa personal injury lawyers of Martin Hernandez PA, serve Florida communities including Tampa, Brandon, Carrollwood, Westchase, Riverview, Temple Terrace, Pasco, Pinellas, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Lakeland, Plant City, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Dover, Valrico, Lutz, Lakeland and many other neighborhoods in Tampa Bay area. Contact an Experienced Tampa Auto Accident Attorney from Fernandez & Hernandez Law.

If you have been involved in an Auto Accident in the Tampa Bay area, call Tampa personal injury lawyer Martin J. Hernandez for a free consultation now.  We recommend also reading his reviews on Google Reviews, Avvo and Yelp.

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