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Commercial Truck Accidents

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Tampa Truck Accident Attorney

Nearly 25% of commercial truck accidents are caused by speed, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. That is one reason federal agencies are once again pushing to limit the how fast commercial trucks and buses are allowed to operate on the nation’s highways.  On August 26, 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration pushed for truck and bus manufacturers to include devices that limit the top speed a vehicle can travel (i.e., a governor) to 68 mph.  For cost reasons, the proposal only applies to those trucks manufactured after 1990.  The Chicago Tribune reported that the agency states that making speed limiters mandatory on commercial trucks could save 1,115 lives each year.

What are the benefits of slowing down the trucks?  Regardless if it is a car or a truck, speed is a factor in a significant percentage of motor vehicle accidents, especially truck accidents.  Slowing them down shortens the stopping distance.  Limiting the speed of commercial semis, tankers, and other large trucks could prevent tire blowouts which cause a large a number of commercial truck crashes.  This is important because NHTSA reported in 2015 that truck tires were not built to withstand maximum sustained speeds of 75mph and that most semi truck accidents resulting from a tire blowout were attributed to speed.  Furthermore, a speeding truck is more likely to jackknife or overturn if the truck driver needs to jam on the brakes.  Lastly, if speeding is a factor in an accident, the more likely that accident will result in death or significant bodily injuries.

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