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Tow Trucks and When to Call Them in Florida Explained by Tampa Injury Lawyer Martin Hernandez Private

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Tampa injury lawyer Martin Hernandez and Brian Starks discuss when to call a tow truck after a car accident in Florida.


🚗 Not driving a car with broken lights, airbags, or significant damage is crucial for safety.
🛠️ The decision to use a wrecker or a flatbed depends on the situation and the type of vehicle.
💡 Leaving the key with the vehicle is essential when requesting a tow service.
🏠 Taking a wrecked car straight to a shop or yard is recommended, as HOAs may not allow it at a residence.
💬 It’s important to be cautious and not risk driving a damaged vehicle, as it may pose a safety risk.


I’m Tampa personal injury attorney Martin Hernandez and today we’re going to talk about what to do after a car accident with me today is Brian Starks of starks Towing the best hooker in town in my opinion he is the official tow truck company of uh Martin Hernandez PA it’s it’s very easy to say hey I can’t
drive this car because the axle broke but there are other times when we should be calling a wrecker for example uh if you have any lights broken blinkers headlights tail lights um uh curtain airbags on the side that may be obstructing your view airbag in the steering wheel any of that as a sign to not drive it I have actually told my
clients your brake lights work no you can’t drive that home let’s call a wrecker we’re and I always call Stark’s to to try to get you guys to move the cars to a yard or to their house or to a body shop you’ll take it to their house do you always recommend that it depends if there’s Insurance involved I would
just recommend letting the insurance company come pick it up from our yard uh or take it straight to the shop that you would like to take it to um normally to your house it’s not not really a good idea most HOAs won’t allow it um headlights if the headlights don’t work that’s also another opportunity that you
can’t drive that vehicle anymore on the roads correct and anytime there’s a front end collision and and the airbag didn’t blow you should be cautious because you might drive down the road and it could blow at that point could have been a defective airbag anyway so you don’t want to be driving down the
road Road thinking it’s drivable and you’re going to make it home and then next thing you know you know your hair bag blows in your face a delayed explosion exactly and uh sometimes you don’t you want a recer versus a flat bed a lot of times my clients are like no no I just want a flatbed that’s not always
the case right so every Situation’s different if you can tow it on a flatbed the right experience driver you can tow it with a wrecker um sometimes a wrecker is beneficial sometimes a flat flat bed’s beneficial normally a flat bed’s easier when you’re talking about recovery a ruer would be easier but if
it’s got four wheels on it you can always use dollies and a wheel lift and tow it without a problem let me ask you this uh the biggest peeve if you may have that I’ve seen is my clients not leaving something with you guys what would you say that would be leave the key with the vehicle if you can well
thank you Brian for coming out today and Tampa personal injury attorney with the official tow truck company of Martin John Hernandez PA Stark’s Towing best hooker in town thank you for your time and watching this video thank [Music] you

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