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Urgent or Emergency Care After an Accident? Which Is Better?

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Often, paramedics are the ones who make that call depending upon your injuries, but if you’re mobile and alert, an urgent care visit is often faster and less stressful. The biggest consideration if, of course, the extent of your injuries. Even in a slow-speed crash with little damage to your vehicle, the full extent of your injuries might not be obvious right away, so it’s important to seek medical attention. But where?

Emergency Rooms Are Aptly Named

They are for emergencies, such severe burns, head trauma, fractured bones, uncontrollable bleeding, or difficulty breathing. These types of injuries typically occur in more serious accidents, where a lot of damage is done to all vehicles involved, and 9-1-1 is called to respond. In some of the worst accidents, first responders might need to extract someone from a vehicle using the ‘jaws of life’ and/or get the injured to the hospital via a medical evac helicopter. If these types of injuries occur, chances are good the injured parties will have no choice in the decision of where they’re sent for life-saving treatment and are often in shock and unable to communicate.

Urgent Care Clinics Are the Ideal Choice for Less Serious Accidents – Even If You Don’t Think You’re Injured.

After an accident occurs, your adrenaline is pumping, your heart is racing and you may think everything is just fine. ‘It’s just a little fender bender,’ might be your line of thinking. But injuries such as herniated discs or whiplash can be masked by that adrenaline. Those types of injuries tend to present themselves within hours or even days and weeks from the time of the accident. But don’t wait to seek treatment. It’s important to obtain medical proof of an injury as soon as possible in case you need to file a personal injury claim. For these types of accidents, urgent care clinics can provide care faster and with a lot less stress than the ER.

Another Consideration Is the Cost Difference Between and ER and Urgent Care Clinic

If your injuries don’t seem to be serious enough to warrant a trauma team, urgent care clinics typically have a flat rate for a medical exam. They also usually have a fee chart for various exams and diagnostic tests. Plus, urgent care clinics typically accept most major health insurance carriers. The receipt for their services will help you recover any medical fees you incur should you file a claim against the other driver.

If you’re involved in an auto accident, even a minor one, it’s important to seek medical attention and the advice of proven, trial-tested personal injury attorneys like those at Fernandez & Hernandez Attorneys At Law. We can work with your or the at-fault driver’s insurance company to make sure you receive the damages you deserve. You can reach us for advice 24/7 by calling 813.755.9500. Hablan español.


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