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What Are the Top 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Hillsborough County?

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Dangerous Intersection in Tampa Hillsborough County Florida

Navigating the roads and highways has become harder in the past several years and certain roads and intersections are more dangerous than others. The roads and highways have become more crowded and many motorists seem to be eager to get where they are going in a shorter period of time including running red lights.

In fact, two intersections in Tampa Bay are so bad with people running red lights that they are two of the WORST IN THE COUNTRY! This rush to get where you are going has created new hazards and made old ones worse. Many intersections have become dangerous. The top five most dangerous intersections in Hillsborough County seem to be:

  • Sheldon Road and Waters Avenue, Tampa;
  • Anderson Road and Waters Avenue, Tampa;
  • Waters Avenue and Hanley Road, Town ‘N’ Country;
  • Hillsborough Avenue and Sheldon Road, Town ‘N’ Country; and
  • US 301 and Gibsonton Drive, Riverview.

One roadway is frequently listed and could be the county’s most dangerous road. Waters Avenue appears often on the rankings of most dangerous Hillsborough County intersections, making four appearances on the rankings of the most dangerous Hillsborough County intersections (including the top three most dangerous intersections). The most frequent intersection on the top of the list of most dangerous intersections in Tampa is the intersection of Sheldon Road and Waters Avenue.

The list, which is ranked by the number of crashes from May 1, 2017, to August 31, 2018, was topped by the intersection of Sheldon Road and Waters Avenue West. Here are the top 10 most dangerous intersections in Hillsborough County, Florida:

1 Sheldon Rd / Waters Ave W (Town ‘N’ Country) 107
2 Anderson Rd / Waters Ave W (Town ‘N’ Country) 103
3 Waters Ave W / Hanley Rd (Town ‘N’ Country) 98
4 Hillsborough Ave W / Sheldon Rd (Town ‘N’ Country) 96
5 301 HW S / Gibsonton Dr (Riverview) 95
6 Waters Ave / Himes Ave N (Tampa) 89
7 301 HW S / Big Bend Rd (Riverview) 86
8 Bruce B Downs Bl / Fletcher Ave E (Tampa) 84
9 Bloomingdale Av / Bell Shoals Rd (Brandon) 82
10 Bloomingdale Ave / Providence Rd (Brandon) 81

*Crashes between May 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018

Has the Average Commute Time Increased in Hillsborough County?

Yes! The US Census Bureau released statistics showing the average commute time has increased in Hillsborough County to nearly 30 minutes.

‘Commutes are getting longer. They’re getting worse. The commute time in Hillsborough County went up almost 10 percent. That’s double the national average. It’s more than any of our neighboring counties,’ said Tyler Hudson of the group All for Transportation. ‘These commutes are getting longer because there’s more congestion. We have unsafe roads. There are more accidents,’ he said.

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