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Which Pickup Trucks Are the Safest In a Crash?

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A pickup truck in a safety crash inspection accident lab

Maybe you are in the market to buy a new truck and safety is a priority for you. Or maybe you’re wondering if the pickup you already own is really the safest one out there.

Either way, when it comes to driving, preparing for the worst is always a smart idea. One good way of doing that is to look for truck models that will protect you in an accident from serious injury or even death.

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What Makes A Pickup Truck Accident Deadly?

In past years, pickup trucks have not been able to keep up with the safety ratings of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and sedans. This could be because pickup trucks are built for working and hauling power, whereas many SUVs and sedans are designed around safety for families and personal commutes. As a result, it is possible that automakers are concerned with satisfying the SUV and sedan market with high safety ratings before looking at truck models.

Another factor that could make truck accidents fatal is their larger size and weight compared to other vehicles. Getting behind the wheel of a big and heavy pickup could make a driver dangerously overconfident, and also more vulnerable to a big impact if an accident happens.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, a safety-research group, ran crash tests on 11 pickup truck models to see which ones had the best and worst protection for passengers. This included six ‘crashworthiness’ tests: headlights, small overlap front for the driver and passenger side, moderate overlap front, side-impact, roof crush, and head restraints.

Some tests used a rating scale of Poor to Good, others used a scale of Basic to Superior. Trucks that got more Good and Superior ratings were considered safer for accidents, whereas others that got more Poor and Basic ratings were ranked less able to protect against serious injury or death.

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Which Pickup Trucks Were Found To Be The Most Dangerous?

Of the 11 pickup truck models that were tested by IIHS, the Toyota Tacoma got the lowest scores for passenger-side protection. Crash testing involved slamming a ‘rigid barrier‘ against a quarter length of the car’s front on the passenger side at 40 miles per hour.

What researchers found is that the Tundra was ‘seriously compromised by [an] intruding structure‘. Specifically, the right leg sensors of the test dummy on the passenger side showed high risk for injury and the dummy’s head hit a handle from the force of the crash.

That means there’s a high risk of serious injury or death if the truck’s cabin crushes in, especially for a passenger. The roof strength also was the worst of all the trucks tested.

For the small truck category, the Nissan Frontier also tested as the least safe of all for accidents. It got a Marginal score in the small overlap front test for both the passenger and the driver’s side. Also, the vehicle hardware for installing child restraints was considered Marginal. That result could make a huge difference to parents with young children.

What Are The Safest Pickup Trucks In A Crash?

Overall, the 2020 Ram 1500 Crew Cab performed the best as a full-size pickup truck. It earned a 2019 Top Safety Pick+ IIHS rating, meaning it earned a Good score for all six tests. It did not receive a safety award for the year 2020 because it does not have certain safety features like pedestrian detection for front crash prevention.

Honda’s 2020 Ridgeline also turned out to be one of the safest large trucks you can buy. With a solid unibody construction and several safety updates like Honda Sensing driver-assistance, front crash prevention, lane-departure warning, and road departure prevention, the Ridgeline is a good option for passenger protection overall.

The Ridgeline is also the only truck of the group that is a 2019 Top Safety Pick. That label is for truck models that get Good (highest) scores in the ‘driver-side and passenger-side small overlap front, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraint tests.’ Top Safety Picks must also get a Superior (best) or an Advanced (second best) rating for front crash prevention. The headlight rating must be at least Acceptable.

For the category of smaller trucks, the Toyota Tacoma received the highest results for overall safety tests, with the Ford Ranger coming in second place. Both earned the highest scores possible for 7 of the 10 safety tests.

On the other hand, the Tacoma and Ranger received an Acceptable rating for the small overlap front on the passenger side, which leaves passengers more at risk for injury than the driver in an accident. These two pickups also received an even lower rating of Marginal (just above Poor) for headlight brightness and ease of use for child restraints.

Who Should I Call If I’ve Been In A Pickup Truck Accident?

Without a doubt, the results of these pickup truck crash tests are scary. But the research in this area shows that even the largest, heaviest trucks can still leave passengers badly injured.

To lower your chance of getting injured in an accident, do your research before you buy. Check on safety ratings, compare features, and look for IIHS Top Safety Picks, since those are selected for having great scores. Also, read our list of top safety features to look for when you are shopping for a truck.

Unfortunately, even very safe drivers can be hurt from an accident that was someone else’s fault. We believe you should never get stuck with medical bills and other losses because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

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