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Who is the Best Tow Truck Company in Tampa?

If you have been involved in a an SUV or car accident in the Tampa Bay area call Tampa Personal Injury Attorney, Martin J. Hernandez at 813-755-9500
Starks Towing Tow Truck

The best tow truck company in Tampa that we have used is Starks Towing Service. We base this on their knowledge, reliability, courtesy and the fact that they are on the City of Tampa rotation to impound cars after crimes or accidents. We recommend calling 813-445-8562

Which Tow Truck Company Do I Call After a Car Accident?

If your vehicle is not operable or not safe for the roadways, we always recommend calling a tow service. Sometimes the car can drive, but the brakes lights are not operable after a rear-end condition. This would make the car a hazard on the roadway and should be towed after the collision.

Should I Remove The Car From The Roadway After A Collision?

Yes, you should move the cars from the roadway or lanes of travel after a collision or you may cause a new accident. By not moving the vehicles, you will also create a traffic. Also, you could be ticketed for for obstructing traffic in violation of Florida Statute 316.2045

How To Choose The Best Towing Service in Tampa?

Let’s face it, you never know when you’re going to need a tow truck. If you’ve ever been in an accident or your car suddenly breaks down, you know how hard it is to find a reputable tow company the moment you need it. Don’t wait until you need roadside assistance before searching for a good tow truck company. Here are some tips for choosing the best one.

Get recommendations

Many of these companies advertise quick response times, but you’ll only know how fast they respond when a real emergency arises. It’s better to choose a towing service that offers 24-hour assistance and has many trucks that allow them to cater to multiple incidents at a time. Always ask friends and family what company they used and would recommend.

Research tow companies online

We recommend checking out tow truck company’s website or social media accounts. One good sign is if they have a list of available services online, along with their pricing. Most of the time, this is where they provide details about their credentials such as licensing and training. They should also be bonded and insured.

You should also take the time to read customer reviews on Facebook, Google, or Yelp. Aside from looking at good reviews, you should also check how they respond to bad ones. How they handle negative feedback will give you an idea of what kind of customer service to expect from the company.

Reach out over the phone

While some companies have a significant web presence, others may not have their information online. In any case, don’t hesitate to give them a call to ask about their services. They should be willing to talk to you about their credentials and services over the phone.

Did you have to make multiple calls before someone picked up the phone? Were they polite and friendly during the call? Small things like this give you a glimpse of how professional they are and what you can expect when you need to call for their services in the future.

Ask about their trucks and drivers

Your vehicle can be further damaged if it’s not towed properly. This could be caused by many things, including an inexperienced tow truck driver or towing equipment that’s in bad shape. Towing vehicles must pass annual inspections and should be free from rust and grime. Also, a flat bed maybe necessary for certain damage or vehicles. Tell them in advance.

If you’re driving a truck or a motorcycle, you should also make sure that the towing company has the appropriate towing truck for your vehicle.

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