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Who’s the Best Lawyer Near Me?

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Who’s the Best Lawyer Near Me?

Quite often people will search for the “best lawyer near me” but what they don’t realize is that a Florida attorney cannot ethically say that he is the “best attorney” in this field or that he is the “best lawyer” in Tampa or in general. An attorney can say that he or she concentrates in this area of the law or that he or she is board certified in this area. Saying that an attorney is “the best” is so subjective and results vary from case to case, that it is impossible to say that this lawyer is the best or that this attorney will get you the best results.

A lawyer can only say that he or she believes that this is the “best course of action” based on his or her experience. He or she cannot say that he is the “best attorney” in Tampa or in Florida. Be wary of those individuals.

Also, be wary of an attorney stating that he or she has never lost a case. This means he or she has never tried a case or has only tried one case and won that one case or that they only try cases they know they can win. However, if they knew they could win, that case should probably not have gone to trial. More likely, if that case was tried, it was because of the lawyer’s ego and not because the lawyer had his or her client’s best interest at hand. Not good. Of course, there are always exceptions like sometimes the case has to be tried.

Our goal is not to get another notch or win. Our goal is to get the best outcome for our client and to tell our client what the best course of action is based on our training and experience. Will we say that we are the best attorneys? Or that we are better than other lawyers near you? No. But what we will do is give you the best advice we have based on our experience. And with 55 plus years of experience between the two attorneys, it is pretty sound advice.

What else should you consider? Consider the attorney accolades like ours:

• Supreme Court of Florida attorney
• Florida Bar
• District of Columbia Bar Association
• Middle District of Florida Bar Association
• Florida Justice Association
• Eagle Member of the Florida Trial Lawyers Association
• Tampa Bay Trial Association attorney
• Best Attorneys in America (the only lawyers for 2013 for Tampa, Florida)
• Best Attorney under 40 for Tampa, Florida
• Million Dollar Verdict Attorney Club
• Multi-Million Dollar Attorney Club
• Hillsborough County Bar Association
• Hillsborough County Bar Referral Service
• 2017 – $10.2 Million jury verdict for an accident caused by a drunk driver
• 2017 – $20.2 million arbitration jury verdict for a dog bite
• 2015 – $1.25 million settlement for a wrongful death claim on a $25,000 policy
• 2014 – $720,000 jury verdict on a slip and fall for a fractured wrist
• 2012 – $1.5 million settlement for injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident
• 2011 – $3.75 million settlement in a tractor trailer accident
• 2010 – $4.5 million settlement in a drunk driving accident
• 2010 – $990,000 settlement on a drunk driving accident on a $50,000 policy

Are we the best lawyers near you? Call us and ask us for our credentials and advice and what the best course of action is in your case. Are we the best attorney near you? Call us and make the decision yourself.

Call Tampa Injury Attorney Martin Hernandez at 813.755.9500 or InjuryLawyersOfTampa.com and ask us what the best course of action is in your case.

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