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Why You Should Never Put Your Feet On The Dashboard

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Broken leg in a cast and brace after a car accident

We’ve all done it – especially as a front seat passenger on long road trips. You get restless, your legs might even feel tingly or fall asleep, so you prop them up on the dashboard for a little relief. But what happens if you’re in an accident? In a split second, your life could change forever.

Airbags Deploy at About 200 Miles an Hour

That’s the average speed of a Formula One racecar. Even in a minor crash, that speed and the force with which airbags deploy can snap or dislocate your leg bone, crush your pelvis, or even cause massive head injuries.

The X-ray featured is of a young woman from Wales who was riding with her feet up when an accident occurred. One of her femurs snapped, one hip was broken in the socket, and the other had been dislocated. She was permanently disabled.

Your Legs Aren’t the Only Part of Your Body at Risk

The same goes for Audra Tatum of Chickamauga, Georgia. She was riding shotgun in 2015 when the vehicle was involved in a minor accident. Everyone else in the car received only minor injuries, while Audra suffered from a broken nose, femur, and four breaks in her ankles from the airbag deploying and throwing her foot into her face. The sad irony is that Audra was herself an EMT, a job that she could no longer perform after the accident.

Then there was the case of Grainne Kelly, who was just 22 and riding in a car that slid on black ice and hit a wall on the way to do some Christmas shopping. She had her feet up on the dashboard at the time, over the airbag, which forced her knees into her face, breaking nearly every bone in her skull. It permanently left her disfigured and with a noticeable dent where her forehead once was. While she healed physically, the emotional scars were very deep. For a long while, she was afraid to leave her house. When she did leave, she suffered the embarrassment of constant looks, whispers behind her back, and the fear of bumping her head again.

Ride Smart to Fare Better in a Crash

The point of this post is simple. When you ride in a car, proper posture and use of seat belt restraints are paramount to your wellbeing and recovery in case of an auto accident. Always keep your feet on the floor and your back against the seat. Never, ever ride without a seat belt. Always encourage your passengers to do the same—even in the back seat.

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